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Back to School!

Pencils, Paper & armYARN.

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Prepare for Fall...stay warm!

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the "do-it-all"  accessory.

On Sale $13.95

fingerless gloves = arm[YARN]



glove + scarf + hat = bundle[YARN]


bundleYARN [Mike]

$69.95  $49.95


bundleYARN [Katy]

$69.95  $49.95


bundleYARN [BamBam]

$69.95  $49.95


bundleYARN [Margaret]

$69.95  $49.95



$69.95  $49.95

infinity[YARN]- the "do-it-all" Accessory


“I’m a bit biased as Christy, the owner and designer, is my daughter. Her father and I are so proud. It was our go to gift for the Holidays. It was a thrill to give to our friends and family, they were delighted with the product, the color, the softness and that they knew someone that created them. We love you Christy!”

by Sandy H.

“As a professional working in an office, my wardrobe is mostly blacks and grays. Imperfect Accessory’s fun colors are the perfect splash needed to break up the day to day monotony!”

by Kara R.

“imperfect Accessory’s descriptions are clever and funny and add to a genuinely likable company personality. Is that a thing? A company personality?”

by Thomas B.

"I bought these for my daughters. These are the one thing that does not go missing. They may not be able to find their winter coat but they know where they put these. They wear the hat, scarf, and fingerless gloves everyday.”

by James R.

“I love my armYarn so much, I’ve worn them virtually everyday for a month and they show no signs of wear and still look great!”

by Tiffany T.

"We were happy to find iA at a recent gift show. A unique set of knitted accessories that our customers love. It's been fun to see the different ways they wear infinityYARN."

by Jenna S.

who, me?

iA started from a love of knitting to calm an overactive brain. Turns out people liked the designs, the color combinations and the authenticity that defines who we are. From the mockups that were ‘imperfect’ to the hand drawn sketches, the time spent in the factory, the photoshoot where the models were family and friends, the packaging that started to bring these elements together. It’s authentic, its real, it’s us and maybe you.