scarfYARN [Mike]


by Imperfect Accessory

$31.95 $33.95

Smart and cool. We may have made a mistake by letting Mike write his own description, but who doesn’t want to be smart and cool? Maybe we just let him have this one?

scarfYARN! The scarf: reimagined! Pushing the envelope of scarf technology and breaking new ground! Okay, maybe not - I mean, it’s a scarf…we can only do so much with it. The biggest decision is fringe or no fringe, which, we have to admit was a big day around here. It may just be a long rectangle of yarn (without fringe - see previous) but, we bet it will become your favorite rectangle of yarn - at least top two.

  • 100% Acrylic
  • One size fits most.
  • Hand wash and lie flat to dry.
  • Created in Atlanta.
  • Made in China.